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Casey County, which was formed from Lincoln County, was established in 1807 and named after Colonel William Casey (1754-1816). He was a pioneer from Virginia that settled in the Kentucky Green River area.

Liberty, the seat of Casey County, is beautifully situated at the headwaters of Kentucky's famed Green River.

The average area temperature is 54.9 degrees. The average high temperature is 65 degrees with an average low temperature of 45 degrees. Annual rainfall is 45 inches. The annual snowfall is about 16 inches.

Farming has always been the economic mainstay of Casey County and there has been a steady increase in farm products. Tobacco, corn, oats, wheat and barley are the leading cash crops.

People seem friendlier in Liberty and living is easier. There are friendly churches, well-stocked stores, active civic and social organizations, beautiful homes on tree-lined streets, a lovely country club, a well-staffed hospital with an adjacent clinic and an excellent school system.

For those seeking a higher education, there's a vocational school in Liberty, and Centre College in Danville, which is only 25 miles south. The University of Kentucky Extension College, Campbellsville College and Lindsey Wilson Junior College are also within commuting distance.

Lumber products and textiles have accounted for a major increase in industry, and Casey Countians look to the future for an even greater expansion. Casey County provides fertile farmland, rich forests and ideal industrial sites for its residents.


Casey County has more peach and apple trees than any other county in Kentucky. To celebrate the apple harvest, a special oven was made to bake the world's largest apple pie. This monster pie measured 8 feet across and 6 inches deep. It took 30 bushels of apples, 200 lbs. of sugar and spices besides the huge crust to make a pie weighing 1,200 lbs...it served 3,000 people a generous helping.

The natural beauty of the area is unsurpassed and recreational resources are bountiful. Rippling streams with waterfalls run through and border small farms; bridle trails wind throughout the countryside, and the lush woodlands afford excellent hiking and camping. The hunting is good, too, with deer, squirrel and other wildlife plentiful.

The abundance of trout has given the Green River the reputation of being the best fishing river in the state. Near the county line is the Green River Lake State Park, which draws many fishermen annually. As well as being a fishing paradise, the Green River has been studied by archaeologists for its importance in the earth's history. Rare shells and Indian artifacts can be found along the riverbanks and many local farmers have collections turned up by their plows.

Beautiful Lake Cumberland, 105 miles long with a shoreline of 1,255 miles, lies 50 miles south of Liberty. Its sparkling blue waters afford excellent fishing, swimming and boating.